I've been doing software development since about 12 years old. In the last 10 years or so I've been focused on how to architect and grow technology / software organizations. Specifically, I'm interested in the leverage cloud services like AWS provide to smart, small and agile startups to compete globally against much more well funded companies. A small team of motivated and disciplined developers will win every time.

My wife and I live in the Atlanta area with two pups (Rey & Archie) plus a stray cat (Holly) who likes the easy meals, walks with the pups and an occaisional warm bed when we can get her in at night.

We have two sons - Tripp & Carson. Both are currently in the family business. Tripp is a professional developer working in Manhattan. Carson - still in college - is studying CompSci and playing lacrosse .


This site was built with React and Gatsby - two really great frameworks for building web applications.


React encourages modular web design and helps web app developers "not repeat themselves" better than most other frameworks. When architected correctly, very complex sites can be built with independent teams that stay within the two pizza rule.


Gatsby is a static site generator. It uses convention and a few React modules to prebuild static html/js pages from a React SPA. This can significantly reduce load on the hosting infrastructure. It also allows the site to be deployed to a "dumb" service like S3 - a significant cost saver.