mr speaker

Mr Speaker allows the user to convert a text file to an MP3 for later listening. Feel free to signup for an account and take it for a spin. Built it to get my hands dirty with Serverless and cloudformation as well as the full dev lifecycle for these apps. Also wanted to do more with Node and React.

This is an MVP. Will add other document types (PDF, Word, etc) and URLs as targets in the future. Also need to clean up a few UI inconveniences. Will write a blog post soon detailing the app structure, how the CI/CD dev cycle works and how it gets pushed to prod.

Source code for both the api and client can be found on github.

raspberry pi btc dashboard

This was a fun little project. It combined my first Raspberry Pi project with a bitcoin dashboard of metrics I like to keep abreast of. Includes a 7" touchscreen display and motion sensor to save power and the screen.

You can see the dashboard here. It's sized to perfectly fit the Raspberry Pi 7" display, but looks ok on a desktop browser. Improvements I'd like to make include:

  • Dark mode
  • Ability to customize metrics
  • Different dashboard styles
  • Better docs
  • Seperate the dashboard UI from the data being displayed. It's too coupled right now.

bitcoin price checker

An Arduino based project written in C++. It's a simple Bitcoin price checker that:

  • Wakes up every 15 minutes
  • Connects to WiFi
  • Pings a service for the BTC/USD price
  • Writes the price to an ePaper display
  • Goes back to sleep

When, upon awakening, it can't find a wifi network it can connect to, it will go into access point mode. This mode creates a wifi network and simple web site to configure the wifi settings. See the readme on github for more information.